Handling Urban Strays

straydogsA dog that strays may not be a stray dog in a rural area. These dogs may be allowed their run of the territory and may range widely. This is different in urban areas. It is not advised to approach stray dogs whatsoever. A stray dog could have been abused in prior situations and will be very distrusting of human beings. Additionally, these dogs may be unwanted because of a tendency to bite or other unwanted behavior. Disease can also be an issue.

Animals of all kinds can contract rabies. A rabid dog displays aggressive tendencies among other indications that the animal is diseased. An animal has to be either quarantined or otherwise assessed for the disease if a person is bitten. Stray dogs will not often be present for this type of diagnosis. This means that the treatment for rabies must be initiated as a precaution. After symptoms occur, rabies cannot be cured and is always fatal if untreated at that point.

It is important to be able to assess the dog’s demeanor when dealing with strays. Some dogs are obviously groomed and friendly in intentions. These dogs may have identifying collars or even methods of being digitally identified. It is best to contact the appropriate services if these animals are found. Many hesitate because of the fate that befalls some of these animals if they are not adopted fairly quickly.

There are some facilities that do not incorporate these tactics in the handling of their animals. If the finder would like this animal for their own, they should communicate this information with the facility, keep close contact on the animal and if not claimed by the owner, they could then adopt the animal. The appropriate physical, owner detection, temperament assessment and preventative shots will have been administered at the facility. Adoption can proceed safely and at nominal fees at this point.

People should never let children approach stray dogs, and all people should avoid animals that display aggression or disease. The proper authorities should be alerted instead. Stray animals could be injured, and it may take a professional assessment. Additionally, people’s personal dogs should not be allowed to approach these animals. Some dogs are dog aggressive. This means that these dogs can be friendly to humans and still be aggressive towards their dogs. These animals may not display until the attack. This is too late to prevent certain injury or death to the defending dog.

People may then become injured while protecting their pet. This can be avoided by restricting the dog’s access to pets and alerting the appropriate authorities. The same is true for animals that are allowed to stray by neglectful owners. People should make issue with the appropriate home owner associations as well as municipal authorities. Often these animals are hard to maintain because aggressive tendencies make them wander. Every measure should be taken to prevent humans and pets from contact with these dogs. 911 calls should be made if the situation warrants.

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