Alternative Pet Meds That Actually Work

Pets are like family. They have a way of connecting with their owners in the same way people do. This is why pet owners want to give their pet the best care possible. Most veterinarians treat ill pets with medication. Some practitioners believe there are other alternatives to using medication for pets

Holistic veterinarians (vets) practice a little differently than traditional vets. Holistic vets look at the whole picture of a what a pet may be dealing with. They look at where the pet lives, what types of stress are going on in their environment, and their age.

Holistic vets also are open to using a variety of treatments for pets. Many pet owners prefer to treat their own medical ailments with natural ingredients, rather than with medication. They view their pet’s care in the same manner. Holistic vets focus on the pets nutrition and diet. They also look at the pets mental health. They encourage preventative measures over treating a pet once problems set in. They encourage pet owners to keep their pet fit and healthy.

A holistic vet uses a range of alternative treatments rather than medications. Some examples of the types of treatments they offer include: acupuncture, chiropractic care, herbal treatments, physical therapy and other remedies. All vet treatments are determined on a case by case basis.

Unfortunately, there has been very little research done on holistic vet care. There is not enough funding to complete scientific studies. However, holistic vets report they can tell that complimentary care is beneficial. They cite such examples as an arthritic dog happily bounding out of their office after treatment. They also note that potentially harmful fungal infections have mysteriously disappeared after they have treated an animal. These types of results are enough for holistic vets to promote alternative treatments. Bali kratom powder has shown effectiveness in treating certain pet conditions and because of it’s mass availability, it’s cheaper than more traditional medications.

Traditional vet services are sought by many pet owners. Alternative treatments are also thought to be an effective option. Some pet owners use a combination of medications from a traditional vet, along with complimentary services from a holistic vet. Whichever philosophy a pet owner has, the main thing is to take good care of their pet.

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