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Helping The Abandoned Pets Of Detroit

squareDetroit is a huge metropolitan city and losing a dog in the city can be one of the most frustrating things. Even more stressful would be finding one because you do not know how to bring the dog to its beloved owner.

The first thing to do would be to check his tag and try to reach whatever number is on there. Then put up flyers around the area you found him because even if the owner does not recognize him, maybe someone else can. If these two do not work, there are still many option.

The first thing you will want to do is call the following animal shelters:

  • Detroit Dog Rescue
  • Michigan Humane Society
  • Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society.

Two popular and no kill shelters are the Detroit Dog Rescue and Animal Welfare Society, meaning that they will not kill the dog even if it has not found his home after time. All of these shelters are located in different parts of Detroit and they can do their best to help find the owner.

All of these places can check to see if the dog has any electronic chip put inside by the owner containing their contact information. If not, they will help take care of the dog and feed it so that if the owner comes looking for the dog they can easily find him. Other places you can take the found dog are like Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption and Detroit Center for Animal Care.

These places are aimed at adopting the dog but will help take care of the dog and help them find a safe home. You can bring them in at any age, any size, any weight, and so forth. There may be some restriction based on the health of the dog; basically if the dog is extremely sick that may be an issue to first present to the veterinarian before the adoption center.

Letting stray or non-stray dogs roam the streets is extremely dangerous for others but also for themselves. By turning in a dog, especially to no-kill shelters, you are letting them have the chance to find their home, whether it is with their previous owners or a new home. The only hard part of helping the dog is bringing it to the shelter. Despite different intentions, all these places share the common interest of helping the stray and abandoned dogs of Detroit find a good, safe home.